Server Information

Server Status: Online

Server Time (UTC+1):

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Level Cap: 110
Races: CH / EU
Exp/SP Rate: 20x
Item Drop Rate: custom
Gold Drop Rate: 1x
Giant spawn: 10x

Fortress War: Sunday 14:30-16:00

Bots or other 3rd party tools that support auto monster select are forbidden!
Use of keypresser 3rd party tool is not allowed when AFK (leaving the character unattended)!
Violation of these rules will lead to login restrictions for the account.

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How to transfer items from the old NGE (3Job) server

Server Concept:

NGESRO is a non profit, free to play, Silkroad private server.
The goal is to offer players a place for quick fun, without the need to level up your character first.
The focus is on team activities and party play.

You will start with max level 110 and free silk on each character. Start items are supplied by Jangan NPCs.
The highest possible endgame items are D11 Nova Fight/Power Weapons and regular Nova Armor/Accessory.

You can get those endgame items by dropping or by Arena Coins at these activities:
- PvP: Survival Arena
> Survival Arena Party (2vs2 | 3vs3 | 4vs4) matches (Reward: Only for tournament mode, not for training mode.)
- PvP: Battle Arena
> Battle Arena Party (2vs2 - 8vs8) matches (Reward: Arena Coins)
> Battle Arena Random (4vs4 - 8vs8) matches (Reward: Arena Coins)
- PvE/PvP: Fight for the Job Uniques (Reward: endgame item drops / Arena Coins / Gold)
- PvE/PvP: Item drop from Monsters in the Shire (Job Cave) (Reward: endgame item drops)
- PvE: Forgotten World dungeon (Reward: endgame item drops / Arena Coins / Advanced Elixirs / Gold)
- PvE: Monster item drop in the Storm and cloud desert (Reward: endgame item drops / Advanced Elixirs)
- PvE: Item drop from all monsters lv101-110 with a slightly increased droprate at higher level monsters. (Reward: endgame item drops)

New Job System (2Job):
- Collect Speciallity Goods via killing monsters and invest them into Consignment Trading at Hunter/Thief Union Job NPC.
- Consignment Trading as Hunter or Thief (Reward: JobExp / Gold)
- Killing Consignment trades of the opponent Job Union (Reward: Speciality Goods)

(Please read the >>Changelog<< for more detailed information)